Thank you

Thank you

2009 has been a particularly challenging year for SURF – as it has been for many charities. We are fortunate to have a number of committed donors that have enabled us to not only sustain, but in some cases even extend, our programmes in Rwanda. In particular, the following foundations have given us critical support over this time:

Charities Advisory Trust: Through its Good Gifts and Card Aid programme we are now supporting even more widows and orphans through an array of livestock projects across Rwanda

Network for Africa, Inspire!Africa and Jubilee Action: Through the the support of this alliance of funders we have been able to open a new health clinic in Ntarama, and will be opening an new maternity ward before the year’s end, to serve widowed and orphaned survivors in the area.

Sigrid Rausing Trust:  With our partner AVEGA Eastern Region we have been able to scale up work to combat Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women survivors to the Kamonyi District whilst deepening our related work in the Rwamagana District.

Foundation Rwanda: This year we launched a new educational programme to support 150 children born to women survivors raped during the genocide, which we hope to extend to a further 50 children in the new year.

The Pears Foundation, Comic Relief, The Funding Network and the BBC Radio 4 Appeal: All have made valuable contributions to an array of our other programmes this year as well.

As Christmas (and Chanukah) approaches, we are preparing for our end of year appeal at SURF. The support of such foundations is critical, but the support that we receive from individual donors is equally important.

Any donations that you can give, to help us to deliver our mission to rebuild the lives of survivors, will be forever gratefully received. From myself, and survivors such as Albert, thank you.

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