The Psychology of Giving

The Psychology of Giving

Much has been written and spoken about the psychology of giving. What motivates people to give, and what more can organisations like SURF do to engage people to give more.

Nicholas Kristof addresses the issue in the most recent issue of Outside Magazine. His conclusion is that ultimately it is individual stories of triumph over adversity, particularly stories of girls, that appeal most to potential donors.

It is an issue also addressed by Jennifer Aaker at Stanford, who explores how people are asked effects whether they give, and at what level.

Despite all the studies, the critical factor is to ask. As I approach the end of the my first year as director of SURF, I definitely now know how to ask – however I am still learning to not take it personally when the answer is no.

Fortunately though, in more cases than not the response is positive. And most amazingly are those times when you do not even have to ask! One such example is Joy Childs, part of the core of SURF’s dedicated supporters, who provides sponsorship to individual survivors.

For the continuing support of all our donors, I am incredibly grateful. As I flagged up in our December e-newsletter, this gratitude is shared by survivors that we support such as Cecille too:

And finally, as I am learning to ask, if you can give, please give:

Virgin Money Giving

Thank you.

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