We are fortunate to receive many visitors to this, our website. We now average more than 3,000 unique visitors each month.

Many of the visitors are from educational institutions, searching for statistics on the genocide. Others are supporters, wanting an update on our work.

We are fortunate to have a great communications design consultancy (lbdesign) which developed our original website, and continues to work with us to improve it.

With the help of lbdesign, SURF’s online presence now extends beyond our own website, encompassing a donation page through a facebook page to a youtube channel. Some will receive automatic notification of this blog post through our twitter account, others through our RSS Feed. Though ultimately we are always looking to drive traffic to download, fill out and return our SURF Bankers Order.

However, we are always looking for more feedback from you, our visitors and supporters. So if you do have any ideas of what more you would like to see on the site, or anything that you would like us to do differently, or any new virtual places on which you would like to see SURF appear, then please do let us know.

Thank you!

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