A guest post by Dr Jemma Hogwood, Clinical Psychologist, SURF Rwanda: For the last 6 months, four groups of women have been meeting regularly in their local communities to discuss their experiences of being raped during the genocide and bringing … Continue Reading »

Dream Big

A guest post from Jules Shell, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Foundation Rwanda, extracted from the Foundation Rwanda Annual Report 2011 Foundation Rwanda will officially turn five years old in July 2013. Our organization was founded in response to one … Continue Reading »


An estimated 20,000 children were born as a result of rape committed against Tutsi women during the 1994 genocide. Josiane was herself born as a result of rape. “I was conceived when three men raped my mom” she says. When I … Continue Reading »


Tutsi women were raped and often mutilated during the 1994 genocide.  Victim’s testimonies confirm that women were subject to sexual brutality. Most women who were directly threatened with death were spared only to be raped. Children born of these rapes … Continue Reading »


A report from the field, from SURF Programme Manager, Sam Munderere: Seated comfortably are a group of mothers whose children are in the Foundation Rwanda sponsorship program in Kibuye. Through the distribution of school fees to regional groups we have … Continue Reading »


Survivors Fund (SURF) each year supports a number of commemoration events to mark the anniversary of the genocide on and around the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Rwandan Genocide on 7th April. This year, we are supporting the … Continue Reading »

2012 Preview

The year ahead will be a pivotal time for Survivors Fund (SURF) as well as for survivors of the genocide. Our primary focus will be supporting AVEGA Agahozo to extend the organisation’s work to support widows and orphans of the … Continue Reading »


Survivors Fund (SURF) is currently supporting the work of nine local partner organisations in Rwanda, all of which are focused on rebuilding the lives of survivors of the genocide. Our newest partner is Kanyarwanda, our only partner organisation that was … Continue Reading »

On fundraising

On fundraising

Survivors Fund (SURF) is featured in an article in the Guardian on “Why small charities need to work to break through the £1m barrier”.  Anne Nicholls writes: The story of the Survivors Fund shows the importance of securing sustainable funding … Continue Reading »


SURF on Buzzbank

Survivors Fund (SURF) is proud to announce that it is one of the pioneering ventures on buzzbank, the social venture hothouse. Buzzbank is an online marketplace connecting social ventures with backers, supporters and cheerleaders. Buzzbank backers find ventures they like and … Continue Reading »