Survivors Fund (SURF) has published data on the Registry of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The IATI Registry is an index of data published on international development activities and makes information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand. This serves the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of aid by making it easier to administer, reducing the risk of diversion or corruption and improving coordination between stakeholders.

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) and a group of bilateral and multilateral donors launched the IATI in September 2008. As such, DFID now requests of its grantees that they register funds received from DFID on the IATI Registry, which Survivors Fund (SURF) has undertaken for its new Widowed Survivors Empowerment Project (WSEP).

This is in accordance with our own emphasis on transparency, as we endeavour to publish all relevant internal and external reports to share with our stakeholders perspectives of our work. We publish here the quarterly narrative report of WSEP, and in the coming months will publish online here the evaluation report of our HIV+ Survivors Integration Project funded by Comic Relief.


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