Support of the survivors of the genocide comes in many forms.

As we approach the anniversary of the genocide this week, we offer our support in the forms of thoughts and prayers for the survivors at this challenging time. Seventeen years on we remember the genocide and the one million Tutsis and the Hutu sympathisers killed in one days from April to July 1994. Survivors Fund (SURF) is involved in a number of events which mark the commemoration of the genocide.

We also demonstrate our support by raising awareness of the situation of survivors today, ensuring that the public and media continue to be aware of the many challenges faced by the survivors as a consequence of the genocide.

Finally, by donating we materially support survivors still in need. Survivors Fund (SURF) is raising funds for a cooperative of women survivors through the new crowd-funding initiative, buzzbnk. You can learn more about the project through this interview, and we have just published a new short film which demonstrates how just a small donation from you can help in a big way. Please do consider giving a donation:

I wish to note as well a new project led by a UK-based survivor, Jean Bosco Ngabonzima, for which Survivors Fund (SURF) is raising funding for as well. Jean Bosco has set up a fundraising page to raise money for a household of survivors in Kibungo – headed by an old widow of a genocide, Gerald, who cares for 8 children, all under the age of 12. Four of the children are HIV+ and were left in Gerald’s care after his daughter died, as a result of an AIDS related illness which developed after she was raped and infected with HIV during the genocide. Any funding raised will go direct to support Gerald and the children.

On a personal note, I will be running two marathons this month to raise funds for AVEGA, and I will be joined by my friend Doron Kristal (who has been training me for this challenge) who is raising funding for a remarkable young survivor, Venuste Musoni.

As ever, your support is greatly appreciated!

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