Mukasekuru is 49 years and one of the mothers supported by Foundation Rwanda she remarried after the genocide and has 3 children. One of those children and the oldest is Nyampinga 18 years old, she was born as a result … Continue Reading »


It is estimated that between five and twenty thousand women were raped and bore children of that rape during the genocide. Children born of these rapes – referred to in their villages as ‘children of the interahamwe‘, or ‘children of … Continue Reading »


Teaching the Rwandan genocide can be a daunting task for teachers.  Many practitioners feel ill-equipped to answer the countless questions which the subject generates, not to mention the moral and ethical dimensions. ‘Lessons from Rwanda’ is a new set of … Continue Reading »


In a recent call for applications for proposals addressing Innovation for Education, the Rwandan Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) defined innovation as: “…the creation and implementation of new or improved processes, products, or services that result in significant improvements in learning … Continue Reading »


The Youth Entrepreneurship Training Programme (YETP) was set up as a collaboration between Survivors Fund (SURF) and the Association of Student Genocide Survivors (AERG) with the aim of contributing to the reduction of youth unemployment in Rwanda, focusing on university graduates … Continue Reading »


Survivors Fund (SURF) has published data on the Registry of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The IATI Registry is an index of data published on international development activities and makes information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand. This serves the purpose … Continue Reading »


Tutsi women were raped and often mutilated during the 1994 genocide.  Victim’s testimonies confirm that women were subject to sexual brutality. Most women who were directly threatened with death were spared only to be raped. Children born of these rapes … Continue Reading »


A report from the field, from SURF Programme Manager, Sam Munderere: Seated comfortably are a group of mothers whose children are in the Foundation Rwanda sponsorship program in Kibuye. Through the distribution of school fees to regional groups we have … Continue Reading »


A guest post by Samuel Munderere, Programme Manager at Survivors Fund (SURF) in Rwanda, and coordinator of our work with Foundation Rwanda to support children born of rape. The price that victims of genocide rape are paying Every rape is … Continue Reading »


The Genocide Survivors Support and Assistance Fund (FARG) is a para-statal organisation that provides vulnerable genocide survivors with support in of education, health, shelter, social assistance and income generation. It was established initially through Law N° 02/98 of 22/01/1998 and … Continue Reading »