Iradukunda Faustine is 20 years old, currently S5 College School of Arts of Nyundo – Sculpture, Ceramic and Graphic section, in the Muhanga District.  Her wish is to become a Fashion Designer.

What she values in life is to study.  She says, “Studying is important because illiterate people are losing their seats in the society.”  She also has the following advice for young people, “It is to value their opinions and to grow up liking to be hard-working because actions speak louder than words.”

Despite dealing with her own health related issues from obesity and her mother living with HIV /AIDS, Faustine has a dream of starting a company mixing new and old fashion.   She added, “I thank FR because it has acted in place of my father. Even though I will not join university, I hope I will not miss out jobs. I can make a design of fashion show, advertising panels, etc. I am able to do all these and I can earn money out of these. May God bless Foundation Rwanda.”

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