The Genocide Survivors Support and Assistance Fund (FARG) is a para-statal organisation that provides vulnerable genocide survivors with support in of education, health, shelter, social assistance and income generation. It was established initially through Law N° 02/98 of 22/01/1998 and … Continue Reading »

HMD 2012

Survivors Fund (SURF), in collaboration with the the Jewish East End Celebration Society (JEECS) is organising a programme of events for the Borough of Tower Hamlets to mark Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2012. The event includes a screening of the … Continue Reading »


Survivors Fund (SURF) is currently supporting the work of nine local partner organisations in Rwanda, all of which are focused on rebuilding the lives of survivors of the genocide. Our newest partner is Kanyarwanda, our only partner organisation that was … Continue Reading »

Denying denialism

The comment of Edward Herman and David Peterson (Rwanda and Srebrenica, 19 July) in the Guardian that “the standard account of the “Rwandan genocide” is monumentally flawed” ranks alongside the parallel claim of that other discredited revisionist historian, David Irving … Continue Reading »

Green Light

Green Light

A key component of the Education into Employment programme that Survivors Fund (SURF) supports in partnership with AERG (Student Survivors Association) is a career development newsletter – Green Light. As we publish the sixth issue, we share that with you … Continue Reading »

Remembering Rwanda

Remembering Rwanda

A guest post by Andy Lawrence from the Hodder Education website Few school children in the UK are taught about the Rwandan genocide – a recent survey of fifty teachers showed that time contraints and a lack of subject knowledge … Continue Reading »

A mentoring session in progress


A critical component of the Education into Employment (EiE) programme which Survivors Fund (SURF) has developed in partnership with the Student’s Association of Survivors of the Genocide (AERG) is a mentoring scheme. EiE supports disadvantaged youth, many of whom are … Continue Reading »

Education Blog

Young Roots

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Survivors Fund (SURF) has launched a new education microsite which conveys the untold stories of an array of UK-based survivors of the Rwandan Tutsi genocide through film. The microsite features excerpts of interviews with an … Continue Reading »

Untold Stories

Untold Stories

Untold Stories is a new short film produced and edited by Andrew Sutton for Survivors Fund (SURF) to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2011. The film features the testimonies of four survivors – Cassien, Simeon, Sandrine and Clare. Comprehensive versions of … Continue Reading »

SURF Fellows

The SURF Fellowship

I had the honour today of attending the first annual gathering of the young survivors which Survivors Fund (SURF) has sponsored, or is sponsoring, through university. SURF is currently sponsoring 84 students at university, and a further 61 students have … Continue Reading »