Annual Report and Accounts

SURF Rwanda Office
SURF Rwanda Office

Each year Survivors Fund (SURF) publishes its Annual Report and Accounts, which are officially filed with the Charity Commission. Our 2018 report is now thus publicly available to download and read here.

Over recent weeks we have published our Annual Message from our Chief Executive, Samuel Munderere, and our Annual Review from our Chair, Sam Hunt. As well as extracts from various programme reports including our work with Foundation Rwanda and Good Gifts, and on our Innovation Fund with with AERG (National Student’s Association of Genocide Survivors) and GAERG (National Survivor’s Association of Graduates).

The full report highlights an array of our other projects which we have featured as well on this News Section of the website, including some of our newer projects such as the Genocide Survivors Retreat made possible by SURF Trustee Liliane Pari Umuhoza in partnership with the Genocide Survivors Foundation and Right Seats.

All of this work has been made possible through partnerships with other funders such as INSPIRE!africa and Network for Africa, as well as our local partners, in particular AVEGA Agahozo. And most importantly, through the support of you, our donors, who through your generous and continuing contributions have helped us to extend this work over more than twenty years, and hopefully for many years to come. Which as we highlight in our recent 25 Years On films, is still as important as ever.

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