Ntarama Health Centre

The Ntarama Health Centre  is one of a number of healthcare projects funded by Survivors Fund (SURF), of which we are particularly proud. Developed in partnership with, and managed by, AVEGA Agahozo, the public health clinic is a model of best practice in Rwanda  delivering high-quality primary healthcare.

It is now beginning to offer hospitalisation for patients requiring overnight treatment and care, in particular women requiring maternal health and maternity services. This is documented in the short film now online on the SURF YouTube channel:

I comment further on the future plans for the project in the SURF Annual Report 2010:

The AVEGA Health Centre in Ntarama was extended last year, and there is a now a new laboratory wing adjoining the original health clinic; as well as a new health education centre. The hospitalisation ward was furnished and equipped with funding from INSPIRE!africa, and the clinic served a record number of 13,000 patients through the ongoing support of Network 4 Africa and the Tinsley Foundation which funded the salaries of the staff. The clinic dispensary is beginning to generate revenue, which is being put into a reserve ahead of the planned transition of the clinic to the Ministry of Health in 2012.

I have written previously as to the role of adaptation in the development of this project in particular. However I would like to thank again the many donors that has made possible the construction and running of the Ntarama Health Centre, namely Network 4 AfricaINSPIRE!africaJubilee ActionThe Funding Network and the Bliss Foundation. This funding has been supplemented by a number of anonymous donors too.

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