Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

I am currently in Rwanda, where we have launched our triennial strategic planning process  and have initiated consultation on the priorities and path for Survivors Fund (SURF) from 2012 to 2014.

Our current strategic plan categorises our aims in three broad themes: Delivering Justice, Rebuilding Lives and Empowerment. Our work is likely to continue to focus on those areas, though this is ultimately dependent on the views of our partner organisations, as well as our staff and trustees.

Survivors Fund (SURF) exists to serve the survivors that it represents, and as such our lead is taken from them. In an initial discussion, it is evident that the support that our partners require most from us is capacity-building. This translates into helping our partners to be self-sufficient and ultimately independent. As such, we will be exploring how we can ensure that our partners can strengthen their fundraising and communications, as well as programme management and monitoring & evaluation.

The greatest need identified by the partners amongst survivors is for income-generating activities (IGAs). Successful IGAs establish livelihoods for survivors, which in turn enables them to address their need, and that of their dependants, for education, healthcare and shelter.

As such, our HIV+ Survivors Integration Project is being built on a strong foundation of IGAs. It is for that reason as well, why IGAs will be at the heart of our new strategic plan.

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