SURF Annual Review 2019/20

Sam Hunt, Chair of Survivors Fund (SURF), with genocide survivors from NtaramaSam Hunt, Chair of Survivors Fund (SURF), with genocide survivors from Ntarama
Sam Hunt, Chair of Survivors Fund (SURF), with genocide survivors from Ntarama

As a prelude to the publication of our Annual Review 2019/20, we feature from it a message from the Chair of Survivors Fund (SURF), Sam Hunt:

It is my pleasure to introduce the 2019/20 Annual Report for Survivors Fund (SURF).

As I write this, the world is in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic and people in every country are worried for themselves and their loved ones. Our hearts go out to survivors of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, many of whom faced the devastating loss of loved ones 26 years ago and today are suffering great hardship.

During the period of lockdown many survivors cannot generate income from their work (for example running market stalls, or kiosks, which are now closed up) and need immediate nutritional support. Genocide survivors who are living with HIV and AIDS depend on good nutrition. Many are struggling to access the treatment that they need as they are unable to travel to the clinics from where they get their essential medicines. In addition, many survivors tragically find themselves isolated during the period of commemoration of the genocide when they need the comfort and support of the wider community most of all. The legacy of the genocide continues to haunt and traumatise survivors today, and more than ever, they need us to stand with them in solidarity and support.

Survivors Fund (SURF) pledges to continue to strive for a world where survivors are fully integrated, and their rights and dignity are respected. This endeavour would not be possible without the loyal support of our donors and the steadfast commitment and dedication of SURF’s wonderful staff and trustees, led by our inspirational Director Samuel Munderere.

Thank you for supporting our work and helping survivors achieve their true potential. For those interested to learn more, and to support our work further, please do view our short films which bring to life some of SURF’s projects, and consider making a donation.

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