SURF appeals

This weekend, one of our youngest supporters, Nick Twomey, completed his round-the-world marathon challenge, finishing 12 marathons across 7 continents in under 9 months. It is a remarkable achievement, in which Nick has climbed the Great Wall of China and run across Antarctica. He is over half-way to meeting his fundraising target of £5,000, and if you would like to sponsor him then it is not too late, you can do so here.

On Sunday 14th June, SURF is the subject of the BBC Radio 4 Charity of the Week Appeal. Lindsey Hilsum recorded the appeal a couple of weeks back, and it will be broadcast three times, twice on Sunday 14th June at 7:55am and 9:26pm and again on Thursday 18th June at 3:27pm on BBC Radio 4. It is only 3 minutes long, so if you do miss it you will be able to hear it again on the BBC website.

Lindsey recorded for us a trailer, which we have now uploaded online at youtube. Any help that you could offer to raise awareness of the appeal, would be a massive help, so please do forward on a link to the short film below:

For a small charity like SURF, the appeal is a vital vehicle for us to raise funding – particularly as we have no annual fundraising dinner. Please do consider giving, and encouraging your friends and family to do so too. Your support, as ever, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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