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SURF June 2020 Newsletter
SURF June 2020 Newsletter

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Our most recent newsletter includes information on our COVID-19 Emergency Response Project, the arrest of Félicien Kabuga and the Relentless Minds podcast.

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First, to update you on the situation in Rwanda in respect to COVID-19. Last month the Government of Rwanda began easing the strict restrictions introduced for the lockdown. However, in the past week due to an increase number of cases, and the first recorded death from the virus, then it is possible that some restrictions will be reintroduced. As such, there are still many challenges that vulnerable survivors are still facing – and as such we are continuing to ensure that we make available phone-based counselling and nutritional and hardship support through our ongoing COVID-19 Emergency Response Project (CERP) project funded by Clifford Chance and other supporters.

Sadly this past month we learned of the death of Simeon Kararmaga, who along with Daphrose Mukangarambe (who died earlier this year) featured in our  “Heroes of our Time“ exhibition and book. Simeon was a resistance fighter at Bisesero, and a true hero, and as with Daphrose, we mourn the loss of another member of the older generation of survivors in Rwanda.

Also in this newsletter we share information about the arrest of Félicien Kabuga, one of the architects of the genocide, which exemplifies the continuing search for justice for survivors. Finally, we feature a link to various interviews with a younger generation of survivors, who like Simeon and Daphrose, have recorded their testimonies for future generations to learn of, and from, their experiences during and after the genocide, which have been featured in the Relentless Minds podcast.

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