Pictured above is Umubaye Cecile's deteriorated house

Shelter is still a big challenge for some survivors. Last week we visited a number of AVEGA members who have formed groups to do income generating projects. During the visit, we came a cross one of the members Cecile, who was denied a small loan to start her small business. This was due to the condition of her house and the fear from group members that she would use the money to meet basic needs including finding  better shelter since her house is falling and she now leaves in a small shack.

Pictured above is Umubaye Cecile standing by her falling house
Pictured above is Umubaye Cecile standing in front of  her falling house

We insisted on visiting this member and indeed found a big challenge with her falling house. Shelter, this is one of the challenges survivors face today as some of the houses that were built after the genocide have deteriorated.

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