Annual Message from SURF CEO

Samuel Munderere, SURF Chief Executive
Samuel Munderere, SURF Chief Executive

As a prelude to the publication of our Annual Report 2022/23, we feature from it a message from the Chief Executive of Survivors Fund (SURF), Samuel Munderere:

The year 2022 was a year of converging global challenges, including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, rising costs of living, an increase in conflict, and soaring poverty and hunger worldwide – all worsened by the impact of the climate crisis and global conflicts. These intersecting crises have deepened the inequity survivors face daily and threaten to reverse progress made towards self-reliance. This makes the work undertaken by Survivors Fund (SURF) more important than ever before.

During this year we have been able to scale up our youth economic programs, mental health projects and livelihood work and I would like to thank my colleagues and our partner organisations for their commitment to support in the implementation of these programs. Their passion and energy demonstrate how much they care about the well-being of genocide survivors. Thank you also to the members of the Survivors Fund (SURF) Board. I’m honored for the opportunity to be able to continue to lead the work of Survivors Fund (SURF) with their support.

Lastly, we want to thank all our donors and supporters. This work could not be possible without the critical funding that we receive from donors including Clifford Chance, Charities Advisory Trust, Foundation Rwanda, Network for Africa, Inspire Africa, Addax & Oryx Foundation, Shooting Touch and the many individual donors around the world. Thank you all for the trust you’ve shown in continuing to support our work and growth over so many years. And we look forward to continuing this journey ahead with you too.

As you read through this Annual Report, I hope you feel inspired by the many great accomplishments that have been achieved in the face of adversity. Again, thank you to our dedicated donors, supporters, trustees, as well as all of our team and partners in Rwanda who make possible this work.

For those interested to learn more, and to support our work further, please do log on to our website at on which there are films which bring to life some of SURF’s projects, as well as information on how to donate.

With gratitude,

Samuel Munderere, Chief Executive

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