Happy Givers

Happy Givers

Survivors Fund (SURF) was fortunate to have been amongst the organisations presenting at the most recent Happy Givers.

Established by Dame Hilary Blume, Happy Givers is an initiative which brings together young people to meet the Biblical obligation “to care for the stranger, and the orphan and the widow”  and to try inspire the giving of one-tenth of income, whether large or small, in particular in the Jewish community.

SURF Rwanda programme manager, Sam Munderere, presented SURF’s project at the fourth Happy Givers event. Over £14,000 was raised on the night for five charities, with SURF raising £4,600 for a project to provide support to vulnerable widows of the genocide through AVEGA Agahozo.

Happy Givers is one of a number of crowd fundraising initiatives in which SURF is involved. SURF is currently one 0f the featured projects on buzzbank, a new website encouraging collective giving.  SURF also has feature previously at The Funding Network, the UK’s first open, giving circle which served as the inspiration for Happy Givers.

If you would SURF to present about its work at an event that you are organising, or to feature a project online, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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